I first used S&J about 2 years ago and was very pleased with the quality of
work performed and by the wide variety of services they offer. They have
done carpentry work, stucco patching, built two drainage ditches out of
brick (and they were beautiful) plus pressure washed a stone structure.
They are currently rebuilding the foundation of my green house. Both the
old wall, which caved in, and the newly built wall have a fake stone look.
Got to tell you, that Scott did a fantastic job of recreating this fake
stone look. Besides being skilled across a wide range of disciplines he has
shown his artistic side in recreating this look. It turned out far better
than I ever would have expected!

I also like the fact that Scott will work with you. He is flexible and
always upbeat and pleasant. Some projects are not straight forward. I have
an old house where maintenance can be an issue. If I have to have something
fixed, I want the fix to last. Doing things more than once gets old very
fast. Scott has great ideas, and tons of knowledge and will talk to you
about approaches to insure, the job will be done in the best and most
enduring possible approach. Lots of contractors like to do it their way and
will blow one off. But this guy genuinely cares about doing a good job and
pleasing his client. A rare find in the world today. Oh and you get all
this at a reasonable cost!!

But I need to mention one more aspect of this business.. And that is “the
J” in S&J. Jessica is a wonderful communicator who keeps schedules on
track. She is great at keeping me informed and a pleasure to work with when
a change of job scope is needed., (always me changing my mind), as well as
at getting me quotes for my new project on a timely basis. I’ve found that
good communication is essential to a smooth running project and ya get it
with Jessica!

Five stars from P. Phillips- Malvern