Painting & Restoration

Painting a room in a house can make it look fresh, crisp and new.  The everyday wear and tear of life can make a paint job fade. Moving pictures or rearranging furniture can leave subtle imperfections throughout the room that a professional paint job can diminish. Deciding on a painter as well as the perfect paint color can take a great deal of time and is important to the end product. S & J will take the time to explain the difference between paint finishes, ensure that blemishes are repaired, and give the room a fresh new look.      

The outside elements of Mother Nature are even more taxing to exterior structures, homes, dwellings, and buildings without the proper maintenance.  Exposed areas begin fading, cracking, chipping, forming splinters and become vulnerable.  Moisture enters those areas causing bubbling, rusting, and overall deterioration with the end result, restoration.   This is why preventive maintenance such as painting is crucial.  Let S & J, paint the way!